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치료후기 Ntox Diet & Energy Therapy Review
2013-12-06 06:43:03
sunny <> 조회수 2439

I can say my life can be divided into two parts in which parts before I knew Green Natural Clinic and parts after I knew Green Natural Clinic. Before I knew ntox diet, I've tried several diet plans such as One-Food Diet, Protein Powder, Lemon Detox, etc. They kinda worked for short amount of time, however, it did not last longer enough. After I got consulted from Dr. Cho, I found out that my metabolism wasn't good enough to handle all detox (& fastings) I had before. In order for me to lose weight, I had to raise my metabolism rate not by just eating "healthy" but eating "right". Some foods I thought were good for me, were actually bad for me. Ntox Diet Program was totally based on one's constitution so, it's not all same for everybody. Dr. Cho and Dr. Park knows what's best for each patient and they treat you with best care like never before. There should be NO failure, No Yoyo.

During the program, Dr. Cho and Dr. Park recommended me getting Healing Energy Therapy, which was very simple performance but "actually-working" therapy. Since I was a premature baby and have a little disability on my left side since then, I would never thought it's possible for me to stand still for more than 1min without waving. Guess what? After a few "very-devoted" energy therapies, standing still isn't as hard for me as before. My parents and my all friends were amazed by that.

Because I was actually "healed" with some energy therapies, ntox diet also gave me an unbelievable effects. I lost almost 9 lbs in 3 months, BUT MORE AMAZINGLY, 8 of 9 lbs was all BODY FAT, not my lean mass(nutrition). It was a bit slow change since I could not exercise like everybody else, however, even for me, this diet worked.
There was no fasting at all except during actual detoxification therapy times(don't worry, it is only for less than 20 hrs, you only skip two meals and you won't even be hungry cuz you have to drink 6 different medication in every 2hrs)

Through this diet program and energy therapies, I actually was seeing myself changing, not just shape or weight, but my personality as well. High self-confidence, and peaceful/joyful mindset, too.

I can guarantee you won't regret going and starting therapies with Green Natural Clinic. Dr. Cho and Dr. Park WILL CHANGE you. 
Stop doing whatever diet plan you are on right now. 
Green Natural Clinic has RIGHT ANSWERS FOR YA'LL!

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